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In Haryana, Cops Go Around 'Sniffing Out' Beef From Biryani Just Days Ahead Of Eid

In a state that has recorded the highest gangrapes in the country, cops have a 'special' task.

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The image was shot in Jama masjid, old delhi -India.

In Haryana, the state that recorded the highest rate of gangrapes per lakh woman population, the police seems to have a far more important job these days--sniffing beef.

Just days ahead of Bakri Eid, Haryana police have been given a special task. In Mewat, Haryana's only Muslim-dominated district, the cops are suppose to go around and collect biryani samples from street vendors to check for beef.

The diktat has come from the state government's Gau Sewa Ayog, reports Times Of India.

Ayog chairman Bhani Ram Mangla told ToI that the directions to the police were issued after an increasing number of complaints that the biryani vendors were serving beef.

"According to the complaints we received, the vendors are mixing a little rice with the meat to camouflage it," he said.

The police have been told to immediately book vendors if they find beef. Meanwhile, the food and drug administration have been asked to ensure early reports of tests.

It must be noted here that Haryana has one of the most stringent cow slaughter acts in the country with a maximum jail term of 10 years.

"This is totally vague, unjustified and targeting of a particular community," Former minister and senior Congress leader from Mewat, Aftab Ahmed said.

While some areas in the district have been marked for 'beef trouble', the police will also search vendors from other parts of Haryana.

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