05/09/2016 1:04 PM IST | Updated 07/09/2016 3:29 PM IST

How To Become The Photographer That Everyone Hates In 11 Easy Steps

We got this.

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We get it. You always wanted to be a photographer. Like a vegan, you can't wait to tell people how photography has liberated you. To be honest, the DSLR has turned everyone (including me) into a photography snob.

All of a sudden, you have this burning need to go to Ladakh on a bike. Nothing says you are a hardcore outdoor photographer than wide shots of the open road. Want to pass as a shutterbug with aspiration?

Say no more.

We have a ready guide to hipster photography, though we cannot state for certain the effect it might have on your social life.

1. Buy an expensive DSLR.

Did I say a lot of money?

2. Upload a mirror selfie with the camera.

What is a photographer even without a bathroom selfie.

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3. Make a photography page on Facebook.

This is the crucial step to establishing yourself as a brand. Create a page with a very unique name. (Hint: First name + photography)

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4. Send invite requests.

Now that you've taken real efforts to create a page, won't you annoy your friends with invite notifications?

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5. Make Auto mode your best pal.

Coming back to the camera, click photographs on auto mode for easy results. Screw learning composition, lighting and basic techniques.

6. Click extremely difficult shots.

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HuffPost India

7. Watermark your photographs.

Watermarking is the essential step towards reaching excellence without anyone stealing your precious content. What if your photograph wins a Pulitzer?

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8. Buy expensive equipment.

Till when will you keep clicking those water tap photographs?

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9. Moon's the limit.

Click moon photographs with the lens you just bought.

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HuffPost India

10. Drop dem heavy captions.

How else will people know that you've in-depth knowledge of your classic shots?

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10. Take part in contests.

With 88 likes on your previous photograph, it is time to step-up your game.

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11. Look like a photographer always.

Lastly and most importantly, if you don't look like a photographer, was all of this even worth it?

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