02/09/2016 9:42 AM IST | Updated 02/09/2016 10:19 AM IST

HIV Positive Pregnant Woman Denied Treatment At Hospital, Loses Her Baby

"They demanded Rs. 2,000 to buy gloves for their protection...."

An HIV-positive woman holds a placard during a protest outside the Indian Health Ministry in New Delhi on July 4, 2011, demanding the HIV/AIDS Bill be presented in the Parliament.

A pregnant woman living with HIV lost her baby after she was denied treatment by a local hospital in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, forcing her to undertake a 50 kilometer journey to Bareilly, where she delivered a stillborn.

Doctors told The Times of India that the baby could have survived if the mother had received immediate medical attention.

Since the media reported the story of Daana Majhi, the man from Odisha who had to carry his wife's dead body after the hospital failed to arrange a van, other instances of gross negligence insensitivity have come to light.

Earlier this week, Ansh, a 12-year-old boy, died on his father's shoulder as he ran from hospital to hospital trying to get him admitted. "I begged doctors at the emergency to examine my son and admit him," Sunil Kumar, his father said.

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The horrifying ordeal played out on Sunday afternoon for the HIV positive woman and her husband, who are also suffering from physical disabilities, TOI reported today, without disclosing their names.

"I requested them repeatedly to treat my wife but they demanded Rs 2,000 to buy gloves for their protection and also asked me to arrange for blood. We were there the whole day and when her condition deteriorated at night, the hospital staff asked us to take her to Bareilly district hospital," Shyam told the newspaper.

"We have lost our child and want the government to take strict action against the hospital staff in Badaun. I do not want other couples like us to suffer the same pain in future," he said.

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