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Here's Kamal Haasan's Dramatic First-hand Account Of How He Broke His Leg

The 'fall and rise' of Mr. Haasan, as narrated by the man himself.

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File photo of Kamal Haasan.

In July, Kamal Haasan slipped on the stairs at his office and fractured his leg. He was immediately rushed to Apollo Hospital in Chennai where he underwent treatment for the same.

At least that's what was reported at the time.

However, in a new blog post, Haasan reveals with great drama what actually transpired that night at his office. He didn't just fell from the stairs -- the place where he was trying to climb had a deeper purpose, as is elaborated in the blog post.

While it was labelled as a 'minor fracture' at the time, the incident was pretty severe as Haasan fell from a height of about 20 feet, breaking not just his leg, but disturbing ambitious plans of finishing as many as 3 films in 70 days.

Here's what the actor tweeted about writing about the mishap.

One look at the blog and you'd know that despite being in agonising pain, Haasan kept his sense of humour intact and was actually trying to make jokes while his wife Gautami frantically called for an ambulance.

Here's the actor describing what followed once he fell.

"My mind was quick. It had time to realize I was in terible danger Thats a lot of falling it thought . Oh you stupid fool. There goes all you r plan . Think what can you do. Franticallycurged thebrain (sic) Before it could hit upon a idea for survival I had hit the ground . I could hear my right shin bone crack . Oh! My spine next , I thought, when my body careened backwards. Well that is just a small fall yet, wont crack my spine. I sat with a thump on my coccyx and realized it was not that short a fall. Then my back hit the ground winding me. Silence . Why I fell i didn't know then. No use thinking about it. Got to turn and get up."

At one point, he even asked her whether the docs would have to 'edit' his leg, much to Gautami's horror.

Read the very entertaining post about the 'fall' and 'rise' of Kamal Haasan here.

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