01/09/2016 11:36 AM IST | Updated 01/09/2016 4:40 PM IST

This Artist's Ode To Bengaluru In 100 Illustrations Will Make You Fall In Love With The City All Over Again

Love, illustrated.

Sunny Skies Starry Eyes/ Facebook

It took me exactly a week to fall in love with Delhi after I moved here. Amid the rain, the sweltering heat and the freezing winters, my love for Delhi only grew. So, when Shikha Nambiar, a freelance illustrator based out of Bengaluru, illustrated the best things about the city in her project #100DaysOfBangaloreByChica, it was not difficult to understand her love for her city.

Speaking to HuffPost India, Nambiar who has lived in Bengaluru for five years now, said, "I make illustrated products and people have been asking me to create Bangalore-related postcards for quite sometime now. Also, I have never illustrated anything on Bangalore before. So, when I decided to take part in a 100 days project -- it is something people from all over the world participate in their own creative way -- I decided to work on things and places I love about Bangalore."

Not only did Nambiar illustrate Bengaluru and its iconic places as part of the project, it also made her explore the city. "I have been working on this for 80 days now, with at least one illustration per day," Nambiar said. She has only one more illustration left to do and the project is likely to get over by this week.

You can see all her 99 illustrations on Sunny Skies Starry Eyes.