01/09/2016 12:37 PM IST | Updated 01/09/2016 1:02 PM IST

How A Shimla Homemaker Saved The Life Of A Jawan Escaping Dog Pack As His Friends Watched Helplessly

Not all heroes wear capes.

Dog in attack mode against white background.

Heroes come in all forms. On August 20, a quick-thinking homemaker in Shimla proved the point by saving the life of a jawan who had fallen unconscious in a 50-foot-deep pit while trying to escape a pack of dogs, according to a report in the Times of India. The 42-year-old woman performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation even as the jawan's colleagues stood watching helplessly.

The Kotkhai resident saw the group of army men from Jutogh Cantt, out on a routine run, being chased by the dogs at the Banuti area, the report said. One among them, Mukesh Kumar, fled the spot and fell into the ditch. He hit his head on a stone and fell unconscious.

When his colleagues started calling out for help, Veena Sharma rushed to the spot, performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and pumped his chest till the jawan partially revived consciousness. Her gallantry did not end there. None of the soldiers knew how to drive. So Sharma's 72-year-old father Ramesh Sharma drove the man to the nearest Jutogh military hospital.

"Finding no other way to shift the injured man, I called my 72-year-old father Ramesh Sharma, who rarely drives these days, to bring the car," she told the paper.