This Hilarious Video Will Convince You That Pokémon Can't Survive In India


Just in case you have been living under a rock, Pokémon Go is a mobile-phone game based on Pokémon cartoon characters and augmented reality. An instant hit when it was launched, Pokémon Go has since become a global phenomenon.

Such was the craze for the game, that we Indians ranked 4th in the world in Pokémon Go APK downloads even before the game was launched in India.

But, what if Pokémon characters became real and lived in India? Hawa Badlo, a YouTube channel, tells us what would happen in such a scenario.

The video has a Shaktimaan-esque background theme, combining childhood nostalgia with the Internet sensation that Pokémon is.

It starts off with a Pokémon trainer who successfully locates Pikachu -- one of the characters from the cartoon/game -- on her phone.

But fails to catch it. So she starts chasing Pikachu through the streets in India.

With some really dope choreography.

And tragedy follows.

With people bumping into each other.

But the sh*t hits the fan when Pikachu begins struggling to breathe.

What happens next will break your heart.

Watch the entire video here to find out what happens to Pikachu. :(

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