What If Bear Grylls Were An Average Middle Class Indian?

Man Vs Samaaj.

Bear Grylls, a British adventurer and survival expert, is a famous TV personality known for his impressive survival skills and wild ways. Over the years, he has taught us how to start a fire without a matchbox, drink urine when there's no water around, and look at lizards as potential food because they are rich in proteins.

But what if Bear Grylls were... Indian?

1. He'd get a packed lunch from his mother and wouldn't have to hunt.

2. His priority would be to find a panwadi before paani.

3. He'd probably give tips on how to survive at Dadar railway station in Mumbai.

4. If stranded on an island, he would do this.

5. He wouldn't mind eating worms or spiders. He's eaten engineering mess ka khaana.

6. His wildest outing would be meeting his relatives at a family function.

"Beta, package kya hai?"

7. In cases of emergency, he'd have packets of Maggi.

8. Parents would force him to take up further studies.

9. Superstition would take over.

On normal days.

On Tuesdays.

10. He'd update his Facebook status like this.

11. He won't carry a survival kit because he has 'Maa Ka Aashirwaad'.

12. His father would still complain about how Sharmaji ka beta Deer Sharma catches bigger alligators.

13. He'd probably telecast a special episode on surviving Bengaluru traffic.

14. He'd have to hear regular taunts like...

"I came to Delhi with 10 rupees in my pocket, 2 snakes in hand and 1 spider in my mouth and look at you!"

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