30/08/2016 2:42 PM IST | Updated 31/08/2016 9:24 AM IST

Ringing Bells Loyalty Card Will Offer You Discounts And A Free Freedom 251

The makers of Freedom 251 releases Silver, Gold, and Platinum loyalty cards.


Every time people think that the makers of Freedom 251 will disappear into the thin air they come up with something new. Ringing Bells' latest move is a loyalty card for its customers. This card will offer various discounts on its products.

The company has released three cards in total which are Silver, Gold, Platinum namely. The customers would get 5%, 10%, and 15% discount on Ringing Bells' products for a period of one year. They will also get one Freedom 251 free with Silver and Gold cards. While purchasing platinum card will give them two units of Freedom 251 for no cost.

The cost of Silver, Gold, and Platinum cards is ₹500, ₹1000 and ₹1500 respectively. The loyalty cards are listed on the website of Ringing Bells. The sale of the cards will be starting from Thursday onwards.

Since launching Freedom 251 the company was under huge pressure to deliver. And a lot of consumers had given up hopes of getting a hand on the unit. But last month the company started delivering Freedom 251 units to selected customers.

Earlier this month, Ringing Bells claimed that it has delivered almost 65,000 units of the smartphone to its customers.

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In the month of July, the company launched a slew of new products including a LED TV. The 31.5 inch TV is priced at ₹9900 It also launched six new smartphones which are not as ridiculously priced as Freedom 251.

On the other hand, there is a new player in 'Cheapest smartphone' race called ChampOne C1. The company is offering a ₹8000 phone to its customers at ₹501.