29/08/2016 10:55 AM IST | Updated 31/08/2016 2:46 PM IST

Here's Your Handy List Of 18 Songs That You Can Use To Torture Anyone, Anywhere


Harisankar Kalavoor/ YouTube

Admit it, we are all addicted to 'cringe pop'. Those songs that are so bad, that they are delicious. Amercian singer Rebecca Black may have resulted in the birth of the term cringe-pop, South Asia, especially India is no stranger to the genre.

We have compiled a list of the choicest songs and videos which will make you roll on the floor, laughing and singing.

Here are some of our favourite songs that will make your day. Or alternatively just give you a terrible headache.

Viewer discretion is advised. Don't try this at home. You can, however, watch them at your workplace along with your colleagues.

PS: We aren't sure about the genres of some songs included in here.

1. Swag Wali Topi.

Dhinchak Pooja took the Internet by a storm recently with this song. You will "swag wali topi meri swag wali topi" all day.

2. Oh My Baby.

"Baby, I love you, I very very love you".

3. It's My Life.

Nope, not Bon Jovi. Meet Vennu Mallesh. This is not a song, it's his life...

4. Angel.

Taher Shah is the undisputed king of cringe-pop.

5. Sunday Morning Love You.

If you don't know who Bhim Niroula is, we can't be friends.

6. Jab Se Hui Hai Mohabbat.

Believe it or not, if you search "most pathetic dance ever" on YouTube, this video surfaces on the top of the list.

7. Eye to Eye.

The evergreen Taher Shah at it again.

8. Ice Bucket Challenge.

Even though the idea is noble, the song isn't.

9. Desi Spiderman.

This song is the reason why the comics is called Marvel.

10. Attitude Attitude Bagha.

Fun game: Count the number of times you hear "attitude" in the song and go cry for no reason.

11. Katta Mere Haath Mein.

Just NCR things...

12. Baby Yeh Kaisa Tera Pyaar Hai.

Can you decode the second line for us?

13. Love Marriage.

Wilbur Sargunaraj is an overseas sensation and India's first YouTube star. You'll find out why.

14. Silsila Hai Silsila.

So catchy, you will turn into a wicketkeeper.

15. Krishnanum Radhayum - Gokula Song.

Cringe is a language understood by everyone globally.

16. Delhi Metro Song.

If you didn't love the Delhi Metro enough, here's another reason.

17. Can't live my life alone.

Dem feels.

18. Tunir Maa.

And this list wouldn't be complete without the Bangladeshi heartthrob Hero Alom.

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