26/08/2016 9:39 AM IST | Updated 26/08/2016 2:54 PM IST

This TV Anchor's T-Shirt Will Give A New Meaning To Casual Fridays

Or she's just very angry.

Let's admit it, we all have bad days at work. Dealing with your boss, unreasonable deadlines and countless e-mails from clients can get anyone worked up.

And sometimes you really want to tell the world to 'shut up'. Nope, nothing wrong with it.

So, a TV9 anchor probably thought it would be best to wear the message on her sleeves, erm..her T-shirt.

She wore this...

Bangalore local news TV anchor forgets to check her t shirt before going on show. Zoom in

And a closer look...

Imgur/ Reddit -- ImagesOfNetwork

If you couldn't read it above.

The photo went viral, and people on Imgur tried to figure why she was wearing it.


They kept trying to decode the message:


We are okay with it too.


Aaaaand, this made it to Twitter too.

Let us just believe that she was clueless. And it's okay.

Can we just chill now, folks?!

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