26/08/2016 7:44 PM IST | Updated 26/08/2016 8:10 PM IST

Pregnant Woman In Labour Walks 6 Kilometres In Flood-Ravaged Madhya Pradesh

The hospital ambulance couldn't reach her home.

The pregnant woman was photographed wading through ankle-deep water with the support of two other women.

A pregnant woman in Madhya Pradesh reportedly had to walk for six kilometres while in labour, because the hospital ambulance could not reach her home due to the floods. An image shared by ANI news agency shows the pregnant woman walking with the support of other women, wading through ankle-deep water.

The incident was reported from the Chhatarpur district, when a local health worker called for a Janani Express (government ambulance), but the hospital said it would take half an hour.

"Then we got an auto but that got stuck in a pond, so we walked across the pond and walked six kilometres," the health worker told ANI. The pregnant woman's husband told ANI that their village was badly connected, and did not have proper roads.

According to the woman, this was not the first such incident in her village, and pregnant women have been transported in charpoys (cots) to the hospital.

According to reports, the woman gave birth as soon as she reached the hospital.

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