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This Artist's Evocative Krishna Illustrations Are All You Need To See Today

Mind = Blown.

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Janmashtami, or Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated with much fervour and joy across India. The flute-playing divine cowherd was the eighth avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped in various forms such as a baby, or with his companion Radha or imparting wisdom to Arjuna on the battlefield.

On his birthday, devotees gather to recite bhajans or songs celebrating Krishna, while boys dressed as 'Govindas' or little Krishnas play Dahi Handi, trying to reach a pot of curd that is hung high up by forming a human pyramid.

Keshav Venkataraghavan, is a Chennai-based cartoonist by profession, and a self-described painter by choice. He likes to celebrate Krishna by painting him in his various facets and highlighting different episodes from his earthly life.

Describing his journey as an artist and his abiding fascination with Krishna, Venkataraghvan told Huffpost India, "It has been a slow evolution, from learning the European Masters to Indian art. The study of symbolism and our epics made me delve deeper into Indian thought. It led me to Krishna. Since 2002 -- although I have been painting since childhood -- I have concentrated more on Krishna and when the occasion demands, I paint other characters from our Puranas. They are trying to communicate to us. So, it is a process of understanding what these stories are all about and expanding on their ideas. But the focus has always been on Krishna."

Here are some paintings from his collection.

For more paintings of India's beloved divine, follow the hashtag #krishnafortoday on Twitter or follow him on his Facebook page.

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