26/08/2016 8:02 AM IST | Updated 26/08/2016 1:10 PM IST

This Artist Recreated Coldplay Songs As Doodles And They Are All Kinds Of Awesome

These will "Fix You".


Will Coldplay perform in Mumbai? That is the question running through the minds of thousands of Indian fans of the band whose songs have a special place in the hearts of many across the globe.

One of those fans is Kalyani Nerurkar, a 24-year-old illustrator who decided to express her love for Coldplay in a series of intricate illustrations each representing a favourite song of hers. So far, she has covered 11 songs as part of her ongoing series.

Nerurkar is a true fan. "Coldplay is Love Personified," she told HuffPost India. "I've been a dedicated Coldplayer for many years. Each album, whether it's Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, or Ghost Stories, connects with me in such a real, artistic yet spiritual way that goes beyond regular music listening and transcends into inspiration. It is my tribute to one of the greatest rock bands, ever and I really hope they notice this crazy fandom."

Inspired to draw by her sister, Nerurkar says that doodling, as she calls it, gives her peace of mind and an opportunity to "channelise creative ideas in a coherent manner". She takes up commissioned work as well, including doing song representations by other bands such as the Beatles and Linkin Park.

But the Coldpaly series is a labour of love. "I hope I can meet them someday and gift them these doodles," she confesses. "That really is my not-so-hidden agenda!"

Here is a set from her series -- doodle riot.

1. Trouble.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle-riot

2. Fix You.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

3. Clocks.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

4. Parachutes.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

5. The Scientist.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

6. Paradise.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

7. Always In My Head.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

8. Us Against The World.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

9. True Love.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

10. Yellow.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

11. Violet Hill.

Kalyani Nerurkar/ @doodle_riot

And if you aren't a Coldplay fan, take a look at her other doodles.

Well, her Instagram handle is doodle riot for a reason.


For more doodles, follow Kalyani on Instagram and Engrave.

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