25/08/2016 9:23 AM IST | Updated 25/08/2016 10:14 AM IST

YouTube Might Soon Let You Post Text And Photos Alongside Videos

YouTube is running an internal project called Backstage to give creators more freedom of interaction.


YouTube is surely world's biggest platform for the video consumption. But it is facing a stiff competition from Facebook. And one of the biggest advantages Facebook has is that a video content maker can create a page and interact with fans in multiple ways.

According to a report published by VentureBeat, YouTube is working on something which would allow the platform to be more social. Google is working on a project called BackStage which would let the video makers post texts or photos on their channel page.

However, YouTube is not fiddling with their current structure. They will simply add a new tab alongside Home and Videos in the channel page where the creator can post various content.

The posts in the Backstage tab can be a text, a photo, a video, or even a poll. All the posts would appear in a twitter-timeline like reverse chronological order.

The feature would mostly roll out by the end of the year. But the access to it would be given to a selected set of popular YouTubers. The content will be available on the desktop as well as the YouTube app.

Subscribers of the channels would also be able to comment in any format such as a text, a photo or a video.

YouTube rolled out their live video service to the limited amount of makers this year. Although, Facebook has made the live feature available for everyone in the app. The social network has also increased the limit of live broadcast to four hours from two hours. YouTube has a stiff competition ahead as more and more social networks are rolling out features related to videos every day.

Last year, YouTube had rolled out the offline feature for selected countries including India where users can download the video to watch it later.