24/08/2016 9:13 PM IST | Updated 24/08/2016 9:37 PM IST

To Fill Your Web Browser With Art, Do This Now

Experience masterpieces every time you open a new tab.

John Harper
Peacock carving, City Palace, Jaipur, India

With the arrival of Prisma, more and more people are interested in a merger of Art and technology. While the apps such as Prisma, Alter, and Artisto convert your photos and videos into masterpiece patterns, here is a nifty was to fill your browser window with art and the joy of serendipitous discovery.

We spend a good part of our working day opening a new tab on our browser and typing in a url or search term. This means, without realising it, we are seeing a blank white screen of the newly opened tab a lot. A LOT. This is the spot into which a nifty Chrome extension by the Google Art Project has inserted itself into. Once you install it and choose the right settings, it displays a masterpiece of world art on your browser tab every time you open a new one. We assure you, it's a great way to fill your life with art.


The chrome extension lets you see a new painting or a sculpture every time you open a new tab in the browser.

It is developed by Google's Arts and culture wing. All the pictures are supplied from their database.

Google Chrome

The artwork you see is changed every day. Although, you can change the settings to fetch a new image every time you open a new tab.


The new tab has some added functionality as well. On the bottom-right corner, there is a button which will show you your the top visited websites. And on the top left corner there is an icon which will take you straight to the apps page of Google Chrome.

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You can install the Google Art Project's chrome extension from here. Google art project was started in 2011 in partnership with 17 international museums. Its goal is to make great work by different artists around the world more accessible.

Now, Google art project has partnership with more than 151 museums across 40 countries. It even has virtual tours of certain places which is powered by Google's street view technology.

If you use a Chromecast to stream videos to a television set at home, you can also set its background image to be picked from the same pool of gorgeous art work from the Google Art Project. That then results in a panel that always displays gorgeous art works on your wall (assuming a flatscreen wall-mounted television).