24/08/2016 1:00 PM IST | Updated 24/08/2016 2:05 PM IST

This Politician Thinks Indian-Style Toilets For Migrants Could Destroy 'Australian Way Of Life'


Pauline Hanson/Facebook

Apparently, a toilet can threaten Australian culture. Well, that's what Pauline Hanson, an Australian politician, who leads the right-wing populist party One Nation, is trying to make her followers believe.

In a bizarre statement, that the politician posted on Facebook, Hanson seemed to be very worried about a new development in her country--Toilets.

She said that the Australian taxation office in Melbourne has introduced Indian-style toilets, to cater to the 20 percent of the workforce that is from a non-English speaking background. And, that is threatening Australia's 'way of life.'

In the video, Hanson then squatted down to imitate the way a squat toilet is used.

"Well if they don't know how to use our toilets, regardless of just at the ATO, our parks, convention centres, in the Aussie homes, everywhere else, then what the hell is going on?" a worried Hanson asked.

So, why is Hanson worried? Well, according to her, if these migrants can't use a westernised toilet, they can't do anything else.

"The question I pose is if they can't work out how to use a westernised toilet, how are they expected to work out our tax system and give advice to ordinary Australians?"

Hanson didn't stop there. As one person in the comments wondered aloud how much this would cost taxpayers, Hanson's official Facebook page responded: "It's not just a matter of dollars Wade. It starts with toilets and ends with costing us our Australian way of life."

Watch the video here:

The Australian Multicultural Foundation Chairman Hass Delal slammed Hanson, saying, "Considering there are so many things happening in the world, so many bigger issues, I don't know why so many people are concerned about a couple of squat toilets in a couple of buildings."