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8 Signs That Prove You And Your Friends Share Asli Yaari

Friends for life.

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Remember the times when you and your gang of friends fought over the silliest of things and hurled endless jibes of sarcasm at each other? The people who witnessed your fights could never decipher that beneath the merciless leg-pulling was an asli-yaari which would survive the test of distance and time! Although college is long over, the '3 am shrink sessions' with your pals still continue. They are your voice of experience whenever you are in trouble or confusion. The sackful of memories that you and your buds have created is enough for your conversations to last a lifetime. You chose these friends because they never urged you to become like them and instead accepted you for what you are. To stir up the nostalgic memories, here's a list of things which prove that your friendship is for keeps!

1. They still barge into your house unannounced

They never thought and they still don't think that they need to call before coming over to your house. After all, they know all your family members, distant relatives, and even the secret backdoor passage to your house!

2. They are your ever dependable protective layers

Well, of course, they can insult you to their heart's content but dare anybody to say a word against you and they'll be rolling up their sleeves to break some bones! Even after staying continents and time-zones apart, they are as possessive of you as they were during those awkward teenage years when they refused to go to any social gathering without you.

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3. Your dictionary of inside jokes has a gazillion volumes

While in school your class teacher made sure that you and your best friend sat at desks apart because the entire class would turn into a laughter club when you guys sat together. The simplest of things can make you and your friends laugh out loud and those who aren't part of the inside joke always look on bewildered.

4. You may forget an important day but they won't

They are your most reliable alarm clock whenever you have a competitive exam or an early morning flight to catch. During your family functions, they often look busier than you. And not to forget, your parents are more proud of them than they are of their own progeny!

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5. They are your most constructive critics

They make sure that they don't appreciate you just to give your ego a boost. They help you stay humble and grounded whenever you achieve great stuff and also guide you through the darkest hour when things don't work out.

6. They embrace you with all your flaws

They know your Achilles heels and all your weak brackets but they never judge you for them. They love you enough to think that you, without your imperfections, would be a totally different person. With them, you can always do away with your pretentious behaviour.


7. No one believes that you are an achiever more than them

You still find it amusing that they are the ones who go around announcing every achievement you make to everyone they meet. Your simplest success lights them up and they are as happy as your own parents. There's never a tinge of jealousy nor a strand of intimidation.

8. Your success doesn't change their perception of you

You may reach the zenith of success and the whole wide world may place a star status upon you but for them, you will still be that old bloke who cheated on that geography test to get a few extra marks.

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