24/08/2016 4:34 PM IST | Updated 03/09/2016 10:55 AM IST

Have You Met These Annoying People On Your Facebook Flat-Hunting Group Yet?

You can't even run from them.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Flat-hunting, also known as a joyride to the pits of hell is not most people's favourite activity. Understandably so. From travelling in the sweltering heat to negotiating with stubborn and for the most part senseless prospective landlords, flat-hunting is only a little less traumatic than auto-hunting in peak hours in Delhi.

So, some considerate people decided to make lives a bit easier for people looking for flats. Soon erupted quite a few flat-hunting groups on Facebook.

But a lot of uninvited people have made these groups their den and by the looks of it they will soon drive all these flat-hunters away from the comfort of their smartphones and laptops right into the arms of brokers.

Here are a few types of people we find on flat-hunting groups.

1. Those who tag friends on every post, like their life depended on it. Even when the poor friend is a girl looking for a single room and the advertised position is for a kitten in the corner of the kitchen. Okay, we made that bit up, but you know who we are talking about, right?


2. Since there aren't enough websites, groups to dupe people with the promise of unbelievable amounts of money to 'send mails', 'write letters', water plants, watch TV and suchlike, the giver of these 'jobs' will crowd to these groups. Ghar ke saath naukri muft.


3. There is a special place in hell reserved for people who put forwarded messages for catering services, t-shirt printers and plumbers on your post seeking a flat or a flatmate.


4. Oh, our favourites. Stalkers and givers of unsolicited compliments, who find everything from your face to the coffee mug in your DP cute. Or kool. Or sxy. Or frndshp-worthy.


5. The really considerate ones who post pictures of Gods because they know that we actually need divine intervention to survive this group.


6. Since both party-animals and sanskaari devotees need homes to live in, Narinder DJ advertising his latest jam to mata ka jagran organisers too flock here.


7. You have a Facebook page even your best friend won't like. Where's your best bet to get 'likes'. You're right in a flatmate hunting group where you can hope desperate flat hunters who have lost their sanity will do crazy things. Like, liking your page.