23/08/2016 7:23 AM IST | Updated 23/08/2016 8:40 AM IST

West Bengal Allows Clubs And Bars To Serve Alcohol All 365 Days A Year

Dry days reduced from 12 to 4.5

Bruno Morandi

While the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar is trying hard to enforce its prohibition, the Mamata Banerjee government in neighboring West Bengal is at the other end of the spectrum, allowing alcohol to be served in clubs every day of the year as well as reducing the number of dry days.

The Telegraphreported today that the West Bengal government has permitted bars in hotels, which have a rating of three stars and above, as well as clubs, to serve liquor all 365 days a year, while reducing the number of dry days in the state from 12 to four-and-a-half days.

The dry days are now restricted to Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, the tenth day of Muharram, and Dol Jatra until 2:00 pm.

Industrialists described the decision as "pragmatic" in view of the festive season, the newspaper reported. "Everyone knows that liquor would be available on dry days if one is willing to pay extra. Besides, people stock up for dry days in advance. Then, what's the need for dry days?" one industrialist told the newspaper.

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