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This Pune Man Has Watched The Marathi Film 'Sairat' 105 Times

A decade ago, stigma against inter-caste marriages had cut short his own love story.

Nagraj Manjule's Marathi film Sairat has struck quite the chord with audiences, to put it mildly.

The film, which released in April this year, captured the nuances that define the caste and class boundaries, gender divides, and politics in rural Maharashtra — via a Romeo and Juliet-esque story revolving around two teenagers.

The film may have gathered tonnes of fans across the country, but not many would surpass the dedication and obsession of Pune-based Hanumant Londhe.

According to a report in Pune Mirror, 36-year-old Londhe has watched Sairat 105 times and has spent over ₹10,000 for it.

He said that he would spend ₹100 out of his daily earning of ₹300 for the movie.

Londhe, who originally hails from Tuljapur in Maharashtra, told Mirror that the film had struck a personal chord with him as societal norms and the fervently-followed caste system in his village had prevented him from marrying the love of his life.

"Around ten years ago, I was in love with a girl from my village. But, we were from different castes. I loved 'Sairat' for its depiction of honour killing and our caste system, for the painful pressure it creates on inter-religion or inter-caste marriage. I couldn't marry my girlfriend due to family pressure... I watched the movie four times and really liked Rinku Rajguru's [the actress who portrays the role of the protagonist Archie] acting. Then, I decided to watch it as long as it was in the theatres," he said.

Last week, Londhe, who works at a laundry shop in Pune, was felicitated by the Kibe Laxmi Theatre (formerly known as Prabhat Talkies).

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