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The Morning Wrap: Govt Bans Showing Animal Cruelty On TV; Google Releases Android Nougat

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Nagraj Manjule's Marathi film Sairat has struck quite the chord with audiences, to put it mildly, but not many would surpass the dedication and obsession of Pune-based Hanumant Londhe. 36-year-old Londhe has watched Sairat 105 times and has spent over ₹10,000 for it. The reason? A decade ago, stigma against inter-caste marriages had cut short his own love story, and he finds solace in Parshya and Archie's tale.

Delhi court awarded death penalty to two convicts and life term to another in 2009 Jigisha Ghosh murder case on Monday. Additional Sessional Judge Sandeep Yadav awarded the death penalty accused Ravi Kapoor and Amit Shukla, while the third accused, Baljeet Malik was sentenced to life in prison. 28-year-old Ghosh, who worked as an operations manager in a management consultancy firm, was abducted and killed on 18 March 2009 near her home in south Delhi. The three convicts robbed her of her gold chain, two mobile phones, two rings and debit and credit cards and then killed her. Her body was recovered three days later.

As a "small token of appreciation for Indian Olympians who won medals at Rio" as well as a marketing strategy, Pizza Hut's has designed to get the namesakes to the nearest store. It had announced that on Friday and Saturday, anyone with Sindhu as her name, could walk into any Pizza Hut store, produce valid photo identity proof and the pizza will be on the management. The irony of it is that even if all the Sindhus in India walked in to grab a pizza, the original PV Sindhu won't. Or rather, her coach Pullela Gopichand would not approve of her consuming junk food. Which is why Pizza Hut trying to ride on the success of a Sindhu and a Sakshi to sell junk food is not a healthy sign at all. By tempting the Sindhus and the Sakshis of the country to avail of the free offer, the pizza outlet is undercutting the larger messaging of physical literacy and fitness, that the two sportspersons bring to the table.

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While marathon runner OP Jaisha alleged that Indian officials did not arrange for water and energy drinks during her race in the Rio Olympics run, despite designated stations being given for the country, Athletics Federation of India (AFI) denied the claim, saying that it was she who refused to avail the option of having energy drinks. AFI claimed that as per the rules, the night ahead of women's marathon race, the Indian team manager carried 16 empty bottles, eight each for Jaisha and Kavita Raut and visited the duo and their coach Nikolai Snesarev in their room. AFI claimed that in this case, the two athletes, Jaisha and Raut declined the offer and informed the Indian team manager that they didn't require personalised drink, and if at all they required it during the race, they would use the drinks available at the water booth and refreshment booth provided by the organisers.

The Central government has banned showing visuals that depict cruelty to animals on TV. The announcement has come after several news channels showcased horrific scenes of dogs being burnt alive and being flung from the terraces.

India is set to deliver more arms to Afghanistan to help it fight Islamist militants even if Pakistan is wary of closer military cooperation between countries lying to its east and west. India has provided a little over $2 billion in economic assistance to Afghanistan in the last 15 years, but has been more measured in providing weapons in order to avoid a backlash from Pakistan, which sees Afghanistan as its area of influence.

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Starting today Nexus devices will start receiving over the air updates of Android's latest version 7.0 Nougat. Google announced on their official blog that the first devices which would get a taste of these are Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, Pixel C, and General Mobile 4G which is an Android One phone. The Nougat has reportedly introduced about 250 major new features, the most striking one being the notification panel.

A Punjab man spent two months swallowing knives and had 40 of them surgically removed from his stomach, says a report in CNN. The man, a father of two, claimed that he had a wild urge to eat metal and that the knives 'just tasted so good'.

On September 1, two NASA astronauts will spacewalk outside the International Space Station for the second time in less than two weeks. NASA Television will provide complete coverage beginning at 6:30 AM EDT, with the six-and-a-half hour spacewalk scheduled to begin about 8 AM. This will be the 195th spacewalk in support of space station assembly and maintenance, the fifth of Jeff Williams' career and the second for Kate Rubins.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the diaspora a centrepiece of his foreign policy and, during his foreign visits, addressed mammoth meetings of the community to project India's priorities and needs. But there should at least be an accurate count of Indians in different countries and projections should be made of future prospects, writes TS Sreenivasan in The Hindu. "The dilemma for India is whether movements of Indians abroad for education or employment should be curbed. This will be against the spirit of freedom, but states must be prepared with plans for rehabilitation of Indians, with the possibility of offering the same kind of jobs they were doing abroad," he writes.

There is an ongoing attempt to Kashmir as a brutal, rogue regime, says an editorial in Mint. "The Indian state has indeed a lot to answer for its past 69 years in Kashmir, but to paint the Indian state as a violent regime on dubious grounds is unwarranted and a great disservice to the silent Kashmiri," it says.

Cow protection, paradoxically, poses a threat to the BJP's project of Hindu unity, writes Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express. "For decades, Hindu nationalists have coveted Hindu unity as a cultural, social and political objective. That pursuit has always run into conflict with their ideological view, which privileges the proverbial doctrinal tolerance of Hinduism but radically under-recognises an equally true historical phenomenon: That traditional Hindu society has practised caste oppression for centuries, reserving severe indignities for Dalits," it says.

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