18/08/2016 4:29 PM IST | Updated 18/08/2016 6:03 PM IST

Uber Will Now Let You Call A Cab Without Even An App

Uber in a browser!

Sergio Perez / Reuters

Uber has now made it easier to call a cab even when you don't have their app installed on the phone. The concept behind this is that you can call an Uber from the mobile or even your desktop browser.

How to call an UberGo from desktop or mobile browser:

  • Navigate to on mobile phone browser
  • Enter your phone number to quickly login or sign-up
  • View pricing information, get a fare estimate and request for your ride with a single tap.
  • After requesting, instantly get connected with driver over call to coordinate pickup
  • Once the trip is completed, you can pay driver in cash

The feature is currently launched in a limited number of cities including Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jaipur.


This feature can come handy if you're in an office or using a phone which doesn't have the Uber app.

The can aggregator launched another feature yesterday where you can call a cab for someone else.A scenario is very likely where you want to call a cab for a family member and you're not present at the location.

You have to select the location of the pick up where you want to call the cab. Then you can choose an option that the ride is for "Someone else" and pick a contact.


Then you can choose the payment option and once the ride is confirmed the driver will get the details of your friend or the family member you selected.

Recently, the government of India urged taxi aggregators such as Ola and Uber to train 100,000 drivers by opening up training centers across the India. They also instructed the companies to have more women drivers in their fleet.

Meanwhile, Uber is launching their first self-driving fleet this month in the US. The custom-made Volvo XC90s will be included in this caravan which will be supervised by humans in the driver's seat ensure the safety of the riders.