18/08/2016 2:18 PM IST | Updated 18/08/2016 7:48 PM IST

This Carnatic Cover Of 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Gives A Mellow Spin To The Rock Classic

Hum along.

Facebook/Baiju Dharmajan

Another day, another fusion track. After Indian classical versions of the Star Wars and Game of Thrones themes, there's a new Carnatic cover of "Sweet Child o' Mine" out.

The cover is the result of a collaboration between guitarist Baiju Dharmajan and vocalist Girish Pradhan. While the Kochi-based Dharmajan is a Carnatic rock guitarist and music composer, Pradhan is the lead vocalist of the Bengaluru band called, Girish and the Chronicles. The vocals in the video stay close to the spirit of the original, whereas Dharmajan's soft guitar solos give a mellow touch to the 1988 rock classic by Guns N' Roses.