18/08/2016 3:08 PM IST | Updated 18/08/2016 3:59 PM IST

These Mushy Raksha Bandhan Celebrity Tweets Will Melt Your Heart

The one true bond.

Jamuna Devi, 85, a widow ties a

Raksha Bandhan is the day siblings are forced to awkwardly acknowledge their love for each other. It is like meeting your not-so-grave enemy, looking them in the eye and confessing that all this time, when you were trying to murder or lock each other up in tiny enclosed spaces, you were only showing your love. Much love and much annoyance go hand in hand, but on the day of rakhi at least, love takes the front seat.

So, you cannot help appreciating how aww-dorable these tweets are. From celebrities to the guy next door, brothers are mushily tweeting out their love for their sisters and it is heartwarming.