17/08/2016 1:21 PM IST | Updated 17/08/2016 2:09 PM IST

Which App Lets You Take A Quiz, Make A Buck And Give It To Charity?

Answer: An all new app called Awarathon.


There are many organizations who want to promote social causes with the aid of technology. Some opt for a straight up donation while some ask donors to walk or run for a cause. Awarathon, however, has taken the novel route of knowledge to raise money.

The app has two aims -- to spread awareness about a certain topic and, to raise money for a worthy cause.

Once you have downloaded the app and signed up, you can take a multiple-choice format quiz on a certain topic. If you're a quiz buff, you will love this app. And, if you're not, you have another good incentive to take the quiz. For every correct answer, you earn a rupee.


Once you reach a certain milestone, of say ₹10, you can either redeem that money or donate it to a cause. The app was launched on 14 August and the first campaign they are running centres around the Indian armed forces. So, all the quiz questions are related to the army.

If there are no campaigns around a specific theme, the quiz questions too can be from any field. You can still answer them and earn your reward.

"I am a lawyer by profession but when I was studying at Harvard, I wanted to do something for society. And since mobile gaming is on the rise, I wanted to make the experience entertaining," said Harshal Shah, co-founder of Awarathon.

"Our aim is not just donation. We want to spread awareness about a topic," he added. "When people know about something, some of them will step ahead for a cause. That's why we have kept the reward system open. If you don't want to donate, that's fine! You can use that money for Amazon, White Owl or more."


As of now, the company has tied up with the National Society For Equal Opportunities For the Handicapped (NASEOH) an NGO based out of Bombay. Currently, there are three options for donation available on the app, one of them being for the families and veterans of the armed forces.

"The armed forces campaign took place because I attended the funeral of a friend's brother who was serving the nation. At that moment I realized that we are not doing enough for the people who protect us," said Shah.

The current campaign features a bank of over 5,000 questions. And, so far, over 6,000 correct answers has been given. The organization has run three successful campaigns during their beta testing. The Unknown Solider is their first public campaign.

The next campaign will be launched in October and the featured topic will be the government's Swacch Bharat initiative.