16/08/2016 4:36 PM IST | Updated 16/08/2016 5:48 PM IST

Xiaomi Wants You To Wash Clothes In 14 Different Ways With Their New Washing Machine

Mi Wash!


Xiaomi keeps surprising people with new smart gadgets every few days. Today, they have launched a new smart washing machine. The Mi Washing Machine has been produced in partnership with Chinese electronic appliance maker Minji.

The cost of the washing machine is 1499 Yuan which roughly translates to 15000. The machine is highly portable with a weight of just 34 kgs. Which is a lot less if you compare it with other washing machines.

Although the small size limits the capacity of the machine to 2.8 kgs. The dimensions of the Mi washing machine are 630 mm x 500 mm x 415 mm.

Mi Washing machine uses an Amotec Core DD inverter motor along with the shock absobers produced from the makers of Mercedez Class-E shockers.

The washing machine can be controlled by an app. The Mi app provides almost 14 different laundry modes the users can choose from.

The washing machine can heat up the water up to 95-degree celsius which kills certain types of bacteria in the clothes. This feature provides 99.99% sterilization.

The company is making this gadget available through a crowdfunding platform from today. Xiaomi recently launched an electric screwdriver which has an operating power of 24 hours straight.