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This Tweet Points Out How Inaccurate Akshay Kumar's Navy Uniform In 'Rustom' Is

"Research? What's that? Does it hurt?" - Bollywood, probably.

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Akshay Kumar in 'Rustom'

The latest Akshay Kumar starrer, Rustom, may have opened well at the box-office but doesn't exactly seem to be the smartest or most historically accurate of movies (read our review here).

A fictionalised re-telling of the historic 1959 K.M. Nanavati case, in which a decorated Naval officer shot his wife's lover dead before marching into a police station and admitting his crime, Rustom takes many liberties and not just in the storytelling department.

A tweet by India Today executive editor Sandeep Unnithan, which has been retweeted more than 600 times already, points out the various discrepancies with the uniform worn by Kumar in a labelled image featuring a screenshot from the movie. According to the tweet, some of the major goof-ups include medals given to servicemen only after the 1999 Kargil war — four decades after the period the movie is set in — as well as the reversal of the Nelson's Ring (worn on his epaulettes), which ends up depicting his rank incorrectly.

A story in The Telegraph wryly points out that Kumar is expected to invite senior navy officers for a drink as a penalty for getting his stripes wrong (although, in reality, it is technically the navy that may be at fault for not having vetted the film before release).

A follow-up tweet by Unnithan also claims that the film wrongly shows Kumar's character using a Beretta M9 pistol, which was introduced only in the '80s.

C'mon, Bollywood.

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This Tweet Points Out How Inaccurate Akshay Kumar's Navy Uniform In 'Rustom'

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