16/08/2016 4:03 PM IST | Updated 16/08/2016 4:39 PM IST

Raaz Reboot Trailer: An Interesting Parody Of Every Vikram Bhatt Film Ever

Horror? Really? Where?

Vishesh Films/T-Series

The best thing about the Raaz Reboot trailer is that it makes a very convincing case for travelling to Romania, where the film has been entirely shot.

The film's trailer premiered online early today and is pretty standard — it ticks off every box in the 'Vikram Bhatt tropes' list. A haunted house, a troubled wife, an indifferent husband, periodic shrieks, disappearing blankets, doors that show symptoms of early Parkinson's, and (of course) Emraan Hashmi.

The worst thing about the new film is, of course, the title. A reboot is when you are breathing life into an existing franchise by taking an altogether new approach to the source material. To put that into the film's title, especially without any irony, is silly.

It's like calling the Transformers sequel Transformer Sequel.

About the trailer itself, if the campiness isn't cringeworthy enough, the dialogues are sure to make you put both your hands on your temples and go, "Why, Christ, why."


Troubled wife: "There is a SPIRIT."

Indifferent husband: "There are NO spirits."

Halfway into the trailer, Hashmi emerges as the "man who had a past with the troubled wife and is now hellbent on setting things straight."

And it's a cycle of shrieks and kisses from thereon, with a ghost appearing now and then to ensure the genre is justified. Come to think of it, this is nothing but a recycled mess of past Bhatt movies like 1920, Haunted, Love Games with a bit of Hate Story thrown in too, for good measure.

Even Raaz Rebhoot would have been a better title. (Okay, maybe not.)

Here, have a look at the trailer.

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