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The Morning Wrap: Baloch Leaders Want SRK To Make Films About Them; iPhone 7 May Have Some Unpleasant Surprises

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As India celebrates 69 years of its independence, an art project is looking back at the events that have defined each year since 1947. 'Indianama' is the brainchild of Kunel Gaur, founder of the agency Animal. Last month, Gaur invited 69 artists, calligraphers, illustrators, graphic designers and even writers, to visualise one year since India's independence, using the country's map as the template.

Experienced through the eyes of those who were forced to cross the border to the other side, leaving behind the lives they had built over generations in the undivided Punjab, The Weary Generations is a long novel — close to 700 pages in the Urdu and 500 pages in English. The English version, which appeared more than thirty years after the original, was not so much of a translation as a rewriting by the author. "I don't think in Urdu and translate," Hussein said in an interview in 2000, "I think in whatever language I'm writing in." In spite of its length and solemn subject, The Weary Generations is an absorbing read, written luminously and alternating between passages of shimmering lightness and sections that are painted over with the bleakest tragedies.

As India celebrated its 70th year of Independence, Google on Monday dedicated a doodle to the historic "Tryst with destiny" speech of the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru had delivered the historic speech in Parliament House before the Indian Constituent Assembly.

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A New York man, Oscar Morel, was charged on Monday with two counts of second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of a Muslim imam and his assistant. Morel, 35, was also charged with two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon.

Enthused and relieved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's expression of gratitude and indirect criticism of Pakistan's brutalities in Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Baloch leaders on Monday thanked the Indian leadership and media for raising the issue publicly. Expressing his love and admiration for Bollywood actors, Baloch Republican Party Founding Chief Brahumdagh Bugti appealed to both Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan to bring Balochistan live on the big screen. He went on to say that Amitabh would portray the role of his grandfather very well.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has said that it was his dream to make sure that the water crisis in Maharashtra was solved for good within the next five years. He was speaking at 'Satyamev Jayate Water Cup Awards 2016'. The competition judged water harvesting efforts of various villages.

Off The Front Page

A shocking set of leaks made this week came as a nasty surprise for potential iPhone 7 buyers as Apple seems to have cut back on three innovations widely expected this year. Apple has reportedly taken out the headphone jack from the iPhone 7; will have no stereo speakers; and won't have a touch-sensitive home screen button.

Senior Kerala IPS officer Rishi Raj Singh created a furore with his comment that if a man stares annoyingly at a woman for over 14 seconds he could be charged with harassment. Singh was addressing a state-level empowerment programme for students at Kochi on Sunday when he told the participants that if a man annoyingly stares at a woman for 14 seconds a case can be registered against him. He also asked the girls and women to carry a knife or pepper spray in their handbags for self-defence.

In a much embarrassing moment for Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, the national tricolor fell off the post as she hoisted it at Bakshi stadium in Srinagar. The stadium was hosting the Independence Day function of the state on Monday.


Here's the dominant narrative on Jammu & Kashmir — a hotbed of violence and cross-border terrorism fuelled by Pakistan. But, in the meantime, India continues to have unanswered and unaddressed divergences with the region, write Karthik Subramanian and Pranay Kotasthane for The Hindu. "The recent experiments with self-determination in West Asia have led to outcomes that have become global menaces, let alone self-advancement. Hence, what is different about the demand for Kashmiri self-determination that will buck this trend? We have merely raised some of the key political divergences that are lost under the din of anti-Pakistan rhetoric. Unless some of these key questions are answered, the Kashmir conundrum will remain unresolved," they write.

Vallabhbhai Patel and his deputy VP Menon imparted the geographic coherence to India, says an editorial in Mint. "By integrating more than 560 princely states, Patel and his secretary of the ministry of states V.P. Menon imparted geographic coherence to India and prevented its Balkanization, a fate which many predicted would befall the newborn state sooner than later. Indeed, geographic coherence is far less lofty than the much talked about "idea of India", but at the same time it is far less theoretical too," it says.

Nationalism and consumerism are blinding India and Pakistan to the benefits of a collaborative relationship, writes Satyam Viswanathan in The Indian Express. "A new generation is coming of age in both countries that have not heard stories from ancestors who survived the horrors Partition. They are watching as Indians and Pakistanis cooperate in sports and culture, woo each other on campuses in the developed world and share each other's worlds on social media," he says.


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