12/08/2016 10:24 AM IST | Updated 12/08/2016 12:09 PM IST

This Police Officer's Song Made 1.5 Lakh People Sign Up For Eye Donation


Ake Ravi Krishna Fans/ Facebook

Wherever he goes, he is mobbed by fans. People rush to click selfies with him. There are fan videos and pictures dedicated to him. He is an inspiration.

No, not Rajnikanth, not SRK, not Big B, not M.S.Dhoni.

For the uninitiated, Ake Ravi Krishna is the Superintendent of Police of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh's Rayalseema region. Krishna is also someone who does nothing in half-measures.

According to a report published last year by India Herald, Krishna had, going way above and beyond the call of his job, adopted the village of Kapatrala that was notorious for murders and killings. He trained some of the villagers to be security guards and worked to change the infrastructure that was in a shambles.

Ake Ravi Krishna Fans/ Facebook

Ake Ravi Krishna has his own fan page on Facebook, that has regular updates of his activities as well as videos and photos posted by his admirers.

Ake Ravi Krishna Fans/ Facebook

Krishna is in news most recently for yet another worthy cause.

As reported by The Telegraph, Krishna has penned and sung a song encouraging people to sign up to donate their eyes after they die. People are apprehensive about donating their organs, often more so in rural areas. So, the SP 's effort is geared towards spreading awareness and dispelling any superstition associated with organ donation.

Krishna perhaps did not foresee that, inspired by his song, people would flock in thousands to sign the consent form. As mentioned in The Telegraph, the target was to sign up 1 lakh donors but that has already been exceeded, with 1.5 lakh people consenting to donate their eyes.

All this might feel like a plot of a feel good movie, but fact is that it is immeasurably and undeniably much more awesome.

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