12/08/2016 4:54 PM IST | Updated 12/08/2016 6:34 PM IST

Makers Of Aakash Tablet Launch An Affordable Smartphone For ₹1499

Race to be the cheapest smartphone heats up


Remember Aakash tablet? The device which was used in government's ambitious project to give all the school children an affordable computing device. Now its maker Datawind has launched an affordable smartphone which will cost you ₹1499.

The smartphone named PocketSurfuer GZ comes with a year worth of free Internet usage. For that, the company has tied up with Reliance to provide free 2G data for a year.

Many of the specifications of the device are not available at the moment. But the phone will have a touchscreen and it will be running on Linus operating system.

According to a report by PhoneRadar, Datawind has sold phones previously which also had a free Internet plan bundled with it. Those phones were Pocketsurfer 3G4Z and PocketSurfer 3G4X.

"We are focused on driving the cost downward to a level where access to technology becomes universally affordable and democratization of technology finds its true meaning. Therefore, this new launch of the smartphone at just Rs 1499 is a step in that direction. This will certainly enhance the connectivity in the developing nations," Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said in a statement.

This year has been a year where smartphone companies are batting for the most affordable smartphone label. In February Ringing Bells announced their infamous Freedom 251 phone for just ​​₹251​. Now they have started delivering devices as well.

Later, a company also launched Namo Acche Din phone for just ₹99. Although, Datawind is a respected company in the tablet and smartphone space which has been known to produce low-cost devices since a long time.