12/08/2016 8:52 AM IST | Updated 12/08/2016 9:32 AM IST

Titan Launches Juxt Pro At A Hard To Justify ₹22990 Price Tag

The original Juxt had a bunch of problems which made the experience unreliable.


When the smartwatch market is falling, Titan has added a new smartwatch to their portfolio called Titan Juxt Pro. Priced at a hefty ₹22990, Juxt Pro is the superior iteration of Juxt smartwatch which was launched earlier this year.

Juxt Pro has a 1.3-inch touchscreen which departs from the Analog smartwatch philosophy of the original Juxt. Like most of the smartwatches out there it has an LCD type display.

The smartwatch has an all metal body with a leather strap. But the most noticeable thing is its thickness which is 15.2 mm. It is thicker than the original Juxt which was a very bulky smartwatch anyway.

Even though Titan is branding this watch as made for men, not many would prefer wearing a watch this thick and heavy.


In other specifications, Juxt Pro runs on a 1 GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage and a 450 mAh battery. Now you could have gone without a couple days of charging in the original Juxt. But it won't be the case with Juxt Pro. You might need to charge it every night.

Functionality wise, Titan offers the basics of any smartwatch with Notifications alerts for all the apps. You can customize the notification settings as well. The watch has 20 different pre-loaded watch faces.

Additionally, Titan Juxt Pro offers music and camera control. You can also store the music in the watch and play it through the Bluetooth headphones. It also has phone locator and an emergency button to send out the alert.

The smartwatch has fitness functions too. Step counter, calories burnt, distance traveled and trend data. But then hardly anyone would wear a watch this big for a run or during the workout.

Juxt Pro is right now only compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above. Which makes it a direct competitor with the Android Wear watches.

And even though Titan makes great watches, smartwatches such as Moto 360 or the Huawei watch has very sophisticated software and great design. Moto 360 is available at ₹16999 which makes it a more attractive choice.