11/08/2016 1:57 PM IST | Updated 11/08/2016 3:45 PM IST

Saffron From Kashmir For 'Beautiful Babies' In Tamil Nadu? MP's Speech Goes Viral

Much love for the "very very nice people" of Kashmir :)


On Wednesday, there was an extended debate in the Rajya Sabha on the prevailing situation in the Kashmir valley and the curfew that has been in force there for 33 straight days.

While Home Minister Rajnath Singh proclaimed that "no power on earth can snatch Kashmir from us," it was AIADMK MP A Navaneethakrishnan's speech that stole the show in Parliament.

The MP from Tamil Nadu started off on a melodious note, singing lines from the Tamil film song, "Kashmir Beautiful Kashmir".

The 60-year-old MP then spoke of how Tamil films have beautifully depicted Kashmir over the years.

He proceeded to explain why Kashmir is important for the country.

Saffron, which is cultivated in Kashmir, the MP explained, is given to every pregnant mother in Tamil Nadu so that they get a "beautiful' child".

"I will reveal a secret, saffron is good for pregnant women," he said. "A product from Kashmir is eaten by every woman in Tamil Nadu -- my mother, daughter-in-law have taken it, and my granddaughter will definitely have it," he said.

While talking about the "very very nice people" of Kashmir, Navaneethakrishnan remembered to thank "Amma" several times during his speech.

"I too belong to Kashmir, Kashmir belongs to me," he said amidst thumping applause.

In conclusion, Navaneethakrishnan said, "Tamil Nadu people want terrorism in Kashmir to end."

Which they most certainly do, though perhaps not exactly for the reasons given by the honourable MP. Full marks to him for speaking from the heart, though.

Watch the video here:

Guess what was more epic than the MP's speech? Ravi Shankar's expression!