11/08/2016 2:45 PM IST | Updated 11/08/2016 5:01 PM IST

19-Year-Old Girl Chops Her Tongue As An Offering To Goddess Kali

She dreamt that her wishes will be fulfilled in exchange of the tongue offering.

Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters
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In a shocking incident in Madhya Pradesh, a 19-year-old woman voluntarily chopped off her tongue and offered it to the Hindu goddess Kali.

According to the Daily Mail, Aarti Dubey, who is an undergraduate student, dreamt that the goddess wanted her tongue in exchange for the fulfillment of her dreams.

Her family and the townspeople thought that Aarti was "not really serious about" doing any such thing until she actually did it.

After cutting off her own tongue, Aarti reportedly fainted in the temple.

But instead of seeking medical help, the devotees and the priest covered her with a red and gold holy dupatta and waited. She regained consciousness after five hours, after which, she completed the pooja (rituals).

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