These Are The Only Indians You Need To Follow On Snapchat

And we don't believe in hyperboles.

While the majority of the junta is still figuring out how and why to use Snapchat when everything you post there (photo or a video) gets deleted under 10 seconds, there are a bunch of people who are making the most out of the platform and how!

A bunch of comics, bloggers, doodlers, musicians on Snapchat are making this platform a whole lot of fun.

Follow them to bring awesomeness to your Snapchat feed.

1. Biswa Kalyan Rath/ @biswamastaadmi.

If you're into observational comedy, Biswa is the guy.

2. Koval Bhatia/ @alittleanarky.

Puns, lots of them. If you love punning, add this punny girl. (See, there's some inspiration in the pipeline for you too.)

3. Akshar Pathak/ @aksharpathak.

If you're adding Akshar, brace yourselves for painful puns and amazing doodles.

4. Tanmay Bhat/ @thetanmay.

You already know this guy, don't you? *cough* Lata *cough*.

5. José Covaco/ @hoezaayc.

José will give you the only parenting lessons you need in your life.

6. Sonam Kapoor/ @sonamakapoor.

Oh come on, you'll follow Sonam Kapoor anywhere.

7. Vaishnavi Prasad/ @livetimefe.

Have you been banned from the kitchen for good? Trust us, Vaishnavi, can help you become a star in there. Of course, you'll need a thing called patience too.

8. Sandhya Ramesh/ @duskendale.

Science+travel= every nerd's dream-come-true!

9. Gaurav Tophakhane/ @aimlessaims.

You'll want to sing along to his band's jamming sessions.

10. Varun Thakur/ @varoonthakoor.

Hit him up for the endless laughs.

11. Pranav Sapra/ @pranavsapra.

Finding the funny in everyday life is Pranav's forte.

12. Neha Sharma/ @neha.doodles.

Warning: She can doodle anywhere, anytime and on anything.

13. Sonakshi Sinha/ @aslisonasnap.

Because her Snapchat game is on point. Add her to know why.

14. Mallika Dua/ @mallikadua.

'Makeup Didi' is everything we ever wanted from the Internet.

15. Santoshi Shetty/ @santushi.

Fashion + Travel + Fitness = @santushi.

16. Rahul Khanna/ @mrkhannasnaps.

Ever fancied beginning your mornings with a super hot man smiling at you from his bed? Here's your chance.

17. Debasree Banerjee/ @debasreee.

Your one-stop-virtual-solution-shop for all your make-up and beauty worries.

18. Sunny Leone / @imsunnyleone.

Naam to suna hoga?

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