09/08/2016 4:40 PM IST | Updated 09/08/2016 5:29 PM IST

Pokemon GO Update Brings Back The 'Nearby' Feature: Here Is How It Works

No more steps though.

Tyrone Siu / Reuters
Pokemon Go

The latest update of Pokemon GO brings back the feature which caused a lot of outrage when it went missing in the previous version. Yes, the Pokemon tracking is back.

The 'nearby' feature which was there in the initial release of the game was removed in the second wave of updates. Now it is back in a new avatar.

The initial versions had a 'nearby' feature which showed the number of steps under the Pokemon to indicate the distance between the player and the Pokemon.

Later, that feature was removed because the tracking was not working properly and the app showed three steps no matter how near the Pokemon was.


Instead of 'nearby' feature has two sections the first one is 'Sightings'. It shows the Pokemon which are spawning in the nearby area. It pulses the area every 10 seconds to look for the newly spawned Pokemon.

You will see the Pokemon with the grass icon in the area to indicate that these are the ones you can catch nearby. If you walk away from these Pokemon, they will disappear from the 'Sightings' section.

The other section is 'Nearby'. It shows you that if there is a Pokemon

This suggests that the game might actually tell you where exactly your next catch will be.

The current update also fixed the bug where the user didn't the XP gained by throwing Pokeballs in a specific manner. It also enables the user to change their nickname one time.

Pokemon GO recently crossed 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It has also launched in many Asian countries such as Hong Kong but hasn't arrived in India officially. Niantic labs also released the game in Brazil just before the start of the Olympics.

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