07/08/2016 6:09 PM IST | Updated 07/08/2016 6:59 PM IST

Allahabad School Won't Play National Anthem On Independence Day At The Insistence Of Muslim Parents: Report

Eight teachers have left the school.

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A school in Allahabad has decided against playing the national anthem on Independence Day after Muslim parents raised objections about its words contradicting their religious Islamic beliefs, The Indian Express reported today.

The decision to ban Jan Gan Man, Vande Mataram and Saraswati Vandana has caused eight teachers including the principal to leave the school, which has around 200 Hindus and 130 Muslims, and is located in a Muslim-dominated area.

Under Article 51A of of the Indian Constitution, it is the constitutional duty of every Indian citizen to respect its ideals and institutions, the national Flag and the National Anthem.

While the principal is reportedly contemplating legal action, it isn't clear whether this is an entirely new decision because the school manager, Mohd Zialul Haq, told the The Indian Express that the national anthem has never been sung in the school.

"National anthem has a line 'Bharat bhagya vidhata' which is against Islam as ALLAH is our bhagya vidhata. How can we say Bharat has made our destiny," Haq told the newspaper. "In the national anthem, the country has been described as being bigger and more important than 'mazhab' and 'khuda' which would be unacceptable to any true Muslim."

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