05/08/2016 5:43 PM IST | Updated 09/08/2016 3:33 PM IST

Seven Brilliant Indian Illustrators Who Will Keep You Glued To Instagram

You can thank us later.

Smriti Choudhary/ Instagram
The lone wolf

Are you the kind of person who doodles on the corner of your writing pad during meetings? Or sketches stuff on newspapers while speaking on the phone? Did you get pulled up in school for scribbling miniature animals and humans on your own arms with a ball point pen during classes?

Guess what? If you are bored of pictures of pizzas, abs, and beaches on Instagram, we have compiled a list of just the perfect Instagram handles for you to follow.

Warning: Not safe for browsing at work, given how distractingly beautiful they are.

1. Smriti Chaudhary

Chaudhary's illustrations focus on nature and wildlife. The best part about her handle is that she occasionally shares photos of works in progress--which means you can actually see a fabulous illustration come to life, one stage at a time. Follow her and her cats on airphish.

'The Autumn' - the trip of making this was crazy!!

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2. Surasti Puri

Puri mostly works with watercolours in her illustrations that focus on women. Follow her works on

A picnic in the woods

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3. Jasjyot Singh Hans

Hans' profile description on Instagram lists the following as his areas of interest: art, music, comics, fashion, pop culture. His work reflects the same. Follow him on jasjyotjasjyot.

4. Alicia Souza

Souza's illustrations focus on the life of a girl along with her faithful companion. Check her supremely fun cartoons on aliciasouza.

What am I doing with my life😑

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5. Mounica Tata

Tata captures the daily struggles of a girl, or rather everyone, in her delightful illustrations. Follow her work on doodleodrama.

6. Reshmi Shekhar

Shekhar's works are draw inspiration from pop culture. Follow her at curiosity_killsthecat.

7. Asfa Sabrin

Sabrin's powerful illustrations address a plethora of issues like objectification of female bodies, notions of beauty among others. Follow her on asfasabrin.