04/08/2016 2:20 PM IST | Updated 04/08/2016 3:04 PM IST

In UP, Rape Videos Are Sold For Rs 50 Right Under The Nose Of The Police

This is so disturbing.

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An Indian protester holds a placard during a demonstration against the release of a juvenile rapist in New Delhi.

If you type the words 'rape videos' on Google, the results are extremely disturbing. Most of them are listed as porn. It shows how people are actually looking for 'rape videos' and equating it to porn.

The problem is out in the open in markets in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a Times Of India report, thousand of rape videos are being sold across UP, right under the nose of the police and the administration.

The clips that are 30 seconds to even 5 minutes long are reportedly sold between Rs 50--Rs 150.

"Porn is passe. These real life crimes are the rage," a shopkeeper at Agra's Kasganj market told ToI.

According to the report, dealers download the videos directly into your smart phone.

So, where do they get these clips from?

The report notes that sometimes people download it from Twitter, Tumbler or Facebook accounts and sell them.

While, at times, even the culprits involved in rapes or assaults take videos of the crime and post them online.

Agra city SP Ghule Sushil Chandrabhan said that they have conducted raids in the past and have arrested people for selling explicit videos. While the police promised to continue to raids and stop the crime, a source from the police told ToI that it would be close to impossible to put an end to the trend.