04/08/2016 10:01 AM IST | Updated 04/08/2016 11:10 AM IST

A Japanese Olympian Gets A $5000 Bill For Playing Pokemon GO


Dylan Martinez / Reuters
Kohei Uchimura

You can't escape the fever of Pokemon GO no matter what. Even if you're an athlete with an Olympic Gold medal to your name. Japanese Kohei Uchimura is one such person who loves playing Pokemon GO. And that love has just cost him $5000 in Brazil.

The artistic gymnast who won the gold in the London Olympics received a bill of 500,000 Yen from his telephone carrier in Japan.

Those were including the Roaming charges in Rio where the 2016 Olympics is being held. He has blamed Pokemon GO for this towering bill.

Later, the company settled for a lesser amount of bill and the new plan for the athlete. They upgraded his contract to a 3000 yen a day all-you-can-use plan.

His teammates said the world champion was devastated at the dinner table. Uchimura couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the bill.

Earlier this week, a lot of athletes arriving in Rio were disappointed as they couldn't play Pokemon GO. There were no Pokestops, gyms or Pokemon around as the game had not been launched in the country.

Niantic labs has managed to launch Pokemon GO in Brazil just before the start of the Olympics games.