03/08/2016 9:44 AM IST | Updated 08/11/2016 11:03 AM IST

Instagram Introduces Snapchat Like Stories

Posts which vanish in 24 hours, where have we heard this before?

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

While you were asleep, Instagram just became Snapchat. No, they haven't acquired the famous startup but they have introduced a feature called 'stories' which is exactly like the story feature in the Snapchat app but with some different add-ons.

The feature which will start rolling out today for both the iOS and Android users lets the users upload their photos and videos for 24 hours. Like Snapchat, the videos can be of maximum 10 seconds long.

The stories of the people you follow will show up on the top of your timeline in Snapchat like circles. Your own stories will always. show up first. If someone has a new story, a colorful ring will show up on their photo On the top left-hand corner, you'd see a button from where you can add stories.

Best highlight of Instagram stories would be that you're allowed to hide the stories from certain people. You can also turn off the replies or let the only the people who follow you reply to your stories.


To view the story you have to simply click on the photo of the person and see the stories. You can always go back and forth by swiping the fingers left and right.

"Let's talk about the big thing. Snapchat pioneered a lot of this format. Whole parts of the concept, the implementation, down to the details...", said Kevin Systorm to the CEO of Instagram to Techcrunch.

Although a lot will be said about the similarities of the story features of Snapchat and Instagram, the latter can benefit from its already fledging community. Snapchat has had a discovery problem and Instagram can beat them to it.