02/08/2016 6:53 PM IST | Updated 02/08/2016 8:02 PM IST

How To Get Rid Of The Prisma Watermark In Three Simple Steps

Wash away the watermark.


Prisma is the app du jour. After being ranked as the number one iPhone photography app they launched the Android version last week.

People are using the app to give their mundane photos an artistic look, including celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan. But there is this particular annoyance of the Prisma watermark being there in the artistically altered photos. Here is how you can remove the watermark in 3 steps.

1. Go to the 'Settings' menu


2. Disable 'Add Watermark'

3. Click the photos without the watermark.


The company has said that they are soon bringing video support to the app. In fact, the creator even posted a sample video of him visiting Facebook headquarters.

The app works on the principles of artificial intelligence and its algorithm has been developed on the basis of a German research paper about turning photographs into sketches.

Prisma sends your photographs to their servers where they are transformed, depending on the filter you have selected. Currently, the app has 30 filters or so, all inspired by artworks of renowned artists and designs of world famous ornaments.

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There are newer apps such as Alter coming up that employ neural networks and artificial intelligence to transform photos. Alter uses the patterns in the photos uploaded by users.

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