02/08/2016 9:34 AM IST | Updated 02/08/2016 11:51 AM IST

For This Couple, Love Is Quite Literally In The Air

They had too much fun 'hanging' out.

ABP News/Youtube

We have all heard of couples getting married in the unlikliest of places -- underwater, on top of a mountain and even a graveyard. In keeping with this tradition of adding a dose of adventure to make their wedding a truly memorable one, this Kolhapur jodi did something completely hatke.

Jaydeep Jadhav and Reshma Patil took the motto of "love is in the air" quite literally and decided to tie the knot 90 metres above the ground, hanging from a rope-way.

Dressed in traditional Marathi attire, the couple, along with a priest were suspended over the Jakhani Valley, situated 70km from Kolhapur. While they exchanged garlands, friends, relatives and onlookers enjoyed the view from the ground.

The Times of India quoted Jadhav as saying, "Ours was an arranged marriage, the 'muhurat' for which was on July 31. This idea came from my friends, and I liked it immediately. Reshma's family also readily agreed for the event."

Sharing her experience, the adventurous bride said, "When I was released over the valley, I was afraid that I might fall. However, the mystical fog all around and the constant drizzle... motivated me to experience the best 15 minutes of my life."