01/08/2016 2:01 PM IST | Updated 01/08/2016 2:22 PM IST

Google Integrates Special Rio Olympics Experience In Search

Start counting those medals.

Kevin Coombs / Reuters
2016 Rio Olympics

The biggest sports event in the world the Olympics is starting next week. This year the extravaganza is being held at Rio in Brazil. Google has launched special features to ensure that fans wouldn't miss out on any action.

The search giants have launched many features across their product range for the Olympic experience. First and foremost in search, the fans can see results of any event by just typing the name. With the standings, the results will also show the highlight videos.

If a user searches for an athlete along with the phrase "Rio 2016" the search results show basic stats, what event the athlete is participating in, the number of medals won and more details about the schedule of the events.

For instance, if you search "Usain Bolt rio 2016", it will show you the details of the famous Jamaican speedster.

You can also search for the TV schedule in over 30 countries along with the trending Olympic searches for that region.


Google is betting on YouTube heavily for providing all the video content. Event highlights will be provided in over 60 countries through the official broadcaster channels.

YouTube will also have a team of 15 selected video content creators who would test the live streaming feature of the service. On the other hand, Facebook is only going to show the highlight reels on Facebook and Instagram. And although Twitter is live streaming its first live video game event, it won't be hosting any live content from the Olympic games.

Additionally, with the help of Google street view, fans can explore the streets of Rio de Janeiro stadium and city.

India is sending their biggest fleet of over 100 athletes to the Olympics this year. Yesterday, Prime minister Narendra Modi wished them success on his program "Maan ki baat". He even urged the Indian citizens to send messages to the sportspersons through his NaMo app.