29/07/2016 3:48 PM IST | Updated 04/08/2016 5:33 PM IST

How To Groove To YouTube Even After You've Closed The App

Can't use other apps when listening to something on YouTube? Well, this is how you can.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

YouTube is a great source for listening to music and podcasts on your mobile. But once you close the app you can't listen to anything. Is there a way out, you ask? The Android app named FlyTube.

FlyTube lets you watch YouTube videos even when you close the app, by letting the video float on your mobile screen. When you're sending a quick message to someone or checking an email, this is a great app to have handy.


Once you have installed the app, you can click on any Youtube link on the web or on the app and hit the share button. Under the menu, you have to select Flytube and there you'd have your floating window.

Alternatively, if YouTube Red is available in your country, you can buy it and it will let you play YouTube videos when you're out of the app and even when your screen is off or your phone is locked.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
YouTube red

FlyTube can't play videos when your phone is locked.

The app itself is free but it offers in-app purchases. For ₹75 you can resize the floating window and make the surfing experience better. This will help you read articles or view your Facebook timeline without any distractions.

On the web, you can certainly play music on YouTube when you switch to another tab. But you can't search in YouTube without opening another window.

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Like YouTube mobile app you will see a window floating at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser when you are surfing through the other sections of YouTube.