29/07/2016 10:10 AM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 2:03 PM IST

10 Indians Who Proved To Be Forward Thinkers

And we couldn’t be more grateful

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

Today, wherever you look around, you find people wanting to be different. With a population a little over 1 billion, you would think that at least one person would come up with an ingenious idea that's not a recycled version of another idea. Well, the good news is that there are not one but ten such people who have proved to be Forward Thinkers with their progressive approach. They have not only changed the way their industry works but have also set a benchmark for others to follow.

To celebrate their forward thinking, Jaguar XE has brought these dynamic people together in Ready To Rule, an exclusively crafted five-part series that gives a peek inside the best Forward Thinking minds of India as they draw inspiration from the Jaguar XE to craft bespoke creations that truly excite the senses.

Wondering who these Forward Thinkers are? Well, here's the list.

1. Ram Sampath, Music producer

While there are some rappers and DJs who create the same old tunes using auto tune and recycled lyrics, Ram Sampath has stuck to his guns! Think of the music of Delhi Belly or Peepli Live. I bet, even today, you can listen to their CDs on loop without getting bored. His amazing composition and soulful lyrics are what makes him what he is today, a Forward Thinker who has changed the face of Bollywood music.

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

2. Pernia Qureshi, Founder of Pernia's Pop-Up Shop

She literally revolutionised the fashion industry for the millennial. Her pop-up shop came at a time when most Indians wanted designer clothes but didn't know where to find them. After launching her website, the fashion conscious Indian finally bid farewell to the task of going to multiple designer boutiques and embraced her website (a one-stop-shop for all designer clothes) with open arms.

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3. Colston Julian, Fashion Photographer

One of India's best-known fashion photographers, Colston has over 500 fashion covers and advertisements under his belt. And that's not all, when he's not busy snapping away at the runway, he's lost in the depths of the ocean, capturing it like never before. Whether it's a Bollywood celebrity or an international designer brand, Colston believes in delivering perfection with every shot.

Jaguar XE

4. Riyaaz Amlani, Restauranteur

Riyaaz Amlani has gone from being a salesman, to a DJ at Parsi weddings to being the owner of India's most upmarket and creative spaces and restaurants. Very few people can credit themselves with so much experience. It's safe to say that Riyaaz has seen it all and that's why he strives to make his restaurants a haven for anyone who visits them.

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

5. Vivek Prabhakar, Founder of Chumbak

He's the man responsible for making iconic Indian motifs a fashion statement. If you have an auto rickshaw scarf wrapped around your neck, then he's the one you should be thanking. He did the unthinkable – he celebrated our Indianness by making it fashionable! He's a true Indian at heart and that's exactly what emulates from Chumbak's product line!

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

6. Abhinay Deo, Filmmaker

This extraordinary filmmaker dared to show the underbelly of our beloved capital city and won the Filmfare for the best Debut Director. From brutally honest dialogues to a storyline that was different from the rest, his Delhi Belly proved to be one of the greatest masterpieces Bollywood has ever witnessed. And that's not all; this dynamic advertiser also has many Cannes Lion Gold awards accredited to his name.

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

7. Narendra Kumar Ahmed, Fashion Designer

This versatile designer has made a name for himself by designing clothes for both men and women. Back in 2006, he was the founding Editor of ELLE magazine and currently he's the Creative Head at one of the largest online stores in India. Like the fashion Industry, he too has grown manifold! He has made such a mark for himself in the world of international fashion that he was listed among the top 50 designers in the world by Esquire Magazine.

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

8. Arzan Khambatta, Sculptor

An architect by profession, a sculptor by choice, Arzan is known as the man with the Midas touch! His drive to create a difference with his art has enabled him to carve a niche in the hearts of many people. When he's not creating something spectacular with his hands, Arzan likes to unwind by doing yoga or stand-up comedy.

Jagaur XE - Ready To Rule

9. Ujjwala Raut, Supermodel

India's Supermodel, Ujjwala, has made a name for herself in the world of international fashion. From walking the ramp for some of the biggest designers in the world, to being the face of many international brands, Ujjwala has set the ramp on fire!

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

10. Ranveer Brar, Celebrity Chef

From the rustic lanes of Lucknow to being a celebrity chef and food stylist, it seems like Ranveer has found the secret ingredient to success. The owner of multiple restaurants, this dynamic chef has judged TV shows, written books and prepared feasts for kings! Ranveer Brar is a true inspiration for people who want to break barriers.

Jaguar XE - Ready To Rule

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