28/07/2016 2:43 PM IST | Updated 28/07/2016 4:48 PM IST

This Viral FB Post About A Newly-Wed Couple's Midair Antics Will Leave You In Splits

Taking the 'Mile High Club' to a whole new level.

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Newly-wed Indian bride.

High up on the list of our flying woes is that unwelcome co-passenger sitting next to us. It could be a wailing baby or an out of control ten year old or an overly chatty gent who just won't stop. To this category we can now safely add, the newly wedded couple on their honeymoon.

Bikram Vohra had to endure sitting next to just such an amorous, cooing pair, and lived to tell the tale. In what is now a viral Facebook post, Vohra describes his plane ride in all its absurd hilarity. Right from the guy explaining to his love -- bangled up to her elbows -- the physics behind aircraft flight, to a contest between the lovebirds about who can extract the longest noodle from a hot bowl of Maggi. Vohra has stared every flier's worst nightmare in the face.