28/07/2016 1:08 PM IST | Updated 29/07/2016 5:30 PM IST

These Stunning Indian Instagram Accounts Deserve Your Attention Right Now

See India unfold anew.

Subhash Chandra/ Instagram
Rupin Pass.

Somewhere between selfies and incessant updates of mundane activities, the curiosity for undiscovered worlds seems to have gotten lost. We celebrate the mundane so much, that we have forgotten the special. Instagram is a constant reminder of that.

But if you have the courage and energy to skim through every uninteresting post on Instagram, you might stumble upon accounts that will bring back memories of your childhood, transport you to places you had no idea existed, show you new ways of living and tell you stories you didn't know you needed to hear. To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of some Indian accounts that you need to find and follow right away!

1. Asha Shiv

Food photographer Asha Shiv's account is called foodfashionparty. Going through it makes you want to eat and eat and never stop.

2. Adarsh Munjal

Also known as thebigbhookad, Munjal, as the name suggests, mostly captures food. His is a really fun account that must not be missed.

3. Arati Kumar Rao

Rao is an environmental biographer and also photographer extraordinaire. Her pictures on aratikumarrao are mostly in black and white, and feature a lot of elephants.

Floating pineapple seller at Sadarghat, Dhaka, #Bangladesh #rivers

A photo posted by Arati Kumar-Rao (@aratikumarrao) on

4. Anjali Rao

Her self-given title, 'collector of happiness', might make you skeptical but after seeing the photographs in her account, desiburger, you will agree wholeheartedly.

Still the same old charm //

A photo posted by Anjali Rao (@desiburger) on

Nothing worth having comes easy //

A photo posted by Anjali Rao (@desiburger) on

5. Subhash Chandra

Considering that his bio says that all the pictures are taken from his trekking and travelling, you won't be able to help but be a little jealous. The photographs on subhash_chandra are mindblowing to say the least.

6. Ruksad Muhammed

According to his bio, Muhammed tries to capture the best that nature throws at him. If you see his photographs at smartruks, you will appreciate the veracity of this claim.

Sunset at the lake #sunset #lake

A photo posted by Ruksad Muhammed (@smartruks) on

That pose #random #white and #brown #cat

A photo posted by Ruksad Muhammed (@smartruks) on

7. Hina

This food blogger's Instagram account has some of the most vibrant food photos you will ever see. As the handle, funfoodandfrolic, suggests, Hina's account has all three in equal measures.

8. Himanshu Sehgal

Also known as myyellowplate, Sehgal's is one of the most unusual accounts. Why? Because he captures delicious food from all over the country on his yellow plate.

9. Shivya Nath

Travel blogger Shivya Nath's account is not only beautiful, the pictures are very dream-like. Check out her mesmerising pictures at shivya.

10. Rushi Tambe

Rushi Tambe captures everything from landscape to people. His account, rushi_tambe, has some surreal photographs of offbeat locations in the county.

11. Shubham Mansingka

Considering that he is a solo trekker and traveller, you cannot help but be jealous a little. His photographs on shubham.mansingka are a world on its own.

12. Shweta Arora

Food blogger, Shweta Arora's account follows her experiments with food. The photographs on shwetainthekitchen will make you want to eat more and more.

13. Natasha Noel

Noel is a dancer and a yogi. Her account, natashanoel001, will make you want to leave your couch and start working out.