28/07/2016 1:38 PM IST | Updated 28/07/2016 1:55 PM IST

Prisma Will Soon Support Video Editing

Picasso of the videos.

Popular camera filter app Prisma will soon be adding video support to their applications. According to reports the company is going to release many features in near future including the ability to turn the videos into artistic masterpieces.

The founder of the company Alexey Moiseenkov has posted a few videos on his Facebook profile to give users the sneak peek on how they will look once transformed by Prisma.

Prisma is working on a tool that will be able to apply similar effects to short video clips. While the technology is ready the company needs to build the computing platform for that," Mosieenkov told Bloomberg.

The company will be coming up with more features such as the inclusion of VR and 360-degree photos in the app, as reported by Forbes.

Prisma was launched on Android officially this week and it is already clocking many downloads. The app is being downloaded almost 2 million times from the Google Play Store every day. Since its release, it has managed to transform almost 65 million photographs.

Prisma uses artificial intelligence to turn the photos into artworks. Once you click the photo it is temporarily uploaded to the server and processed there for the filter the user has selected.

The app currently offers 30 free effects based on famous paintings of great artists such as Edvard Munch and Pablo Picasso.

The app is currently #1 in photography in the app store in many countries. It has been downloaded almost 16.5 million times.